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PostSubject: >Races Orb<   >Races Orb< EmptyMon Jan 31, 2011 10:18 am

Each race provide a orb that gives +3 to all stats with 1 slot in the accessory and every single orb provides different stats as shown as below. Want to find out? Come and play the server!

Race: Dark Elf
Element: Dark
Abilities: Immense Magical Power and Defense
against Physical Attacks
Weakness: Poor in Magical Defense

Race: Light Elf
Element: Earth
Abilities: Critical Rate, Physical Defense and Perfect Dodge
Weakness: Poor in Magic Defense

Race: Holy Avenger
Element: Holy
Abilities: Incredible Magical Power, Magic Defense
and Physical Defense
Weakness: Low HP and Slow HP Recovery

Race: Marine Warrior
Element: Water
Abilities: Amazing Movement Speed, Hit and Attack Speed
Weakness: Poor in Magic Power and Defense

Race: Orc Assassin
Element: Wind
Abilities: Incredible Physical Prowess and Physical Defense
Weakness: Poor in Movement Speed, Attack Speed,
Magical Defense and Perfect Dodge

Race: Dragon Slayer
Element: Fire
Abilities: Great Magical Defense and Power
Weakness: Poor in Physical Defense
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PostSubject: Zero Easy   >Races Orb< EmptyFri Feb 04, 2011 5:47 pm

hi GM!
What's with the races?


will this server reamin old school?

i will invite my friends...
would you give them support too>?

in the malls
there are many items that are missing>?

for the MVP's
can't kill alone>?

Mvp Cards Drops are low ...

Help pls..

Im ertyearth in the game..

i support you guys!

Rock On!
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PostSubject: Re: >Races Orb<   >Races Orb< EmptyFri Feb 04, 2011 7:07 pm

Hey erty.

To answer some of ur questions,

The races are basically a quest that once completed, will give you bonus attributes and an ORB. Depending on the race, the orb is an accesory which can be eqquiped and give special benefits... Different races give different benefits.

As to if our server will remain old school, I'm not sure what you mean but if your referring to 3rd jobs and etc, then we are NOT planning to include 3rd jobs in EMN RO. It will be a PVP server with lots of quests and events Very Happy

If there are any items missing, kindly list them down and I will see to it that they are added.

MVPing was never meant to be easy, although this is a Super High Rate server. With the right equips im sure you can solo, though you should ask players for help and get a party to make it easier. ^^

The MVP card drops are currently at 20% . This is so that it is more challenging for players and they wont get bored too easily.

Any and all suggestions are welcome and very much appreciated. Thank You for the support ! xD


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PostSubject: Re: >Races Orb<   >Races Orb< Empty

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>Races Orb<
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