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 Custom Quest

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PostSubject: Custom Quest   Custom Quest EmptyWed Feb 09, 2011 11:47 pm

Quest Npc at PRONTERA located near the mall warper

Gigantic Majestic Goat
Stats : Adds 12% tolerance against Demi-Human monster. Increase certain amount of ATK based on wearer's Job level.
Item needed : Baphomet Doll, Evil Horn, Tough Scalelike Stem and 300milion zeny.
Slot : 0

Baphomet Horns
Stats : Increases physical damage to the Demi Human monster by 12%. As your JOB Level increases,the helm grants additional ATK.
Item needed : Bapho Jr. Card, Baphomet Card, Yoyo Tail, Shoot, 1carat diamond and 100million zeny.
Slot : 0

Deviling Hat
Stats : ATK, MATK + 2. Increases 2% more Experience Points each time a monster is killed. Delay Rate and Cast Rate reduce by 10%
Item needed : Deviling card, Black Dyestuff, Scale Shell, Orcish Voucher and 1mil zeny.
Slot: 1

Flu Mask [1]
Stats : -
Item needed : Gloom Under Night Card, Black Dyestuff, Osiris Doll, Old Shuriken, Wing of Dragonfly and 500mil zeny.
Slot : 1

Angeling Hat
Stats : Reduce damage taken from DemiHuman monster by 10%.. +5 to AllStats . Delay Rate and Cast Rate reduce by 5%
Item needed : Jellopy, 1carat diamond, Black Dyestuff, Sunglasses, Old Blue Box, Holy Water and 10mil zeny.
Slot : 1

There are few more but the option are non customized

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Custom Quest
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