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 What actually happend.

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What actually happend.  Empty
PostSubject: What actually happend.    What actually happend.  EmptySun Feb 13, 2011 9:03 am

Hey guys,

So, about a month ago Easy and I decided to make a server. So we worked our butts offf and came up with EminenceRO. We launched it at around the 30th of January, at that time > it was to be hosted on my PC as a sort of test phase. Our original plan was to run it for awhile and see how it goes then slowly move the server to a new host. And well as the weeks progressed more and more players joined EMN RO, so between fixing all the bugs and taking suggestions of all the players we are both really busy, not to mention our daily commitments. This last week I have been working on making backups and preparing to move the server, as well as prepare the host. Unfortunately, I was too slow in my efforts. At about 8.30pm FRIDAY the server got hacked. AS some of you saw , they got into the databases made themselves GM and started advertising some other server right before the server went down. I was away when this was happening and by the time i got back our databases had already been dropped.

So yeah thats the story. This last two days Easy and I have been working around the clock to get the server back up and running. Though we managed to fix the original files , we had no way of preventing someone from hacking us again. THAT is the reason we have not launched the server. BUT, we have found a long term solution in which we are currently implementing. So at the same time we will move the server to a new host. And this is going to take some times, few days at least. We also removed our enlistment to ratemyserver.net to prevent from getting banned . I hope that clears things up for some of you and also hope that you will be patient. I'll try my best to answer any questions you guys have.

Your Admin,
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What actually happend.
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